Warm Thoughts

It's mid-February and I've looked at nothing but snow since what feels like forever and while I try to work out an escape plan, from these crushing winter blahs, my compulsion is to tidy my desk, but then as I organize the one big pile into smaller piles I come across this postcard, and then all I can think about is Barcelona and how it was warm and sunny and everything I saw and ate was amazing.  

The postcard is from a place called Palau Dalmases, my companions and I happened upon it by accident after a day fraught with both drama and wonder and at that point, lots of wine. When we got there it was pretty empty and there was no performance but the space itself was just so incredible, If you are in Barcelona you must go here. Don't argue with me.

Since I can't quite make a European getaway happen right now, I think it's time for me to round up some of my ladies and head over to Bocado in Worcester for some incredible tapas and sangria.

While you wait for the snow to thaw, here are some pictures from my visit to Barcelona.

Happy Halloween!

One of my spookier images for the occasion! This was shot in Paris a few years ago at the world famous Les Puces Fleamarket . Wherever I travel I always love to find flea markets, I think you get far more of a feel for a culture in a flea market than in an expensive shopping district. Les Puces runs the gamut from high end antiques and designer couture to a blanket on the ground piled in old junk. It's a fascinating place and I can't wait to return!