Warm Thoughts

It's mid-February and I've looked at nothing but snow since what feels like forever and while I try to work out an escape plan, from these crushing winter blahs, my compulsion is to tidy my desk, but then as I organize the one big pile into smaller piles I come across this postcard, and then all I can think about is Barcelona and how it was warm and sunny and everything I saw and ate was amazing.  

The postcard is from a place called Palau Dalmases, my companions and I happened upon it by accident after a day fraught with both drama and wonder and at that point, lots of wine. When we got there it was pretty empty and there was no performance but the space itself was just so incredible, If you are in Barcelona you must go here. Don't argue with me.

Since I can't quite make a European getaway happen right now, I think it's time for me to round up some of my ladies and head over to Bocado in Worcester for some incredible tapas and sangria.

While you wait for the snow to thaw, here are some pictures from my visit to Barcelona.

Connecticut Tree Farm Wedding

Proving that a rainy day can't dampen the spirit of two people who are in love - This wedding at The Overlook at Geer Tree Farm went off without a hitch! While the sky was grey, the mood was bright and the rain held off until the ceremony was over, and the formal pictures were taken. Guests were bussed up to the Overlook from the parking lot at the opening of the property via school bus, treated to delicious nibbles from Gourmet Galley, and danced the night away to tunes provided by Rollin E. Sealey.  A wonderful day for a great couple, I'm so happy I got to be a part of it.

Venue: The Overlook at Geer Tree Farm Catering: Gourmet Galley 


Interior Design

A while back I had the pleasure of photographing some lovely rooms for Corinha Design at a beautiful home in Sudbury MA. Karen combines affordable luxury and unique style to create an environment that is both welcoming and functional. Here are a few samples. On a side note, one of my new goals in life is to have a tub room, doesn't that look divine?


Oh it's cold and we're all so tired of snow aren't we? Unless you're one of those lucky folks who live in warmer climates, this winter has probably got you feeling....cold? Crabby? Just a little bit HEEEEERE'S JOHNNY!

I'm right there with you. Its a slow time of year for me and it's so easy to get into a sort of grey funk, as I nest on the couch watching Law and Order SVU re-runs and dreaming of spring...

So when my friend Elita suggested a day trip to Brooklyn to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Brooklyn museum I leaped at the chance.  I've been a fan of Gaultier since high school, when I aspired to be a fashion designer, and I drooled over his wardrobing in "The Cook the Thief his Wife and her Lover" I adored his punk influences and styling. So the exhibit celebrating his career was a real treat. His work is so incredible, the level of attention to detail, from tucks and pleats to construction and fabric choices and mood...the addition of video and photography really rounded out the exhibit. I left feeling so inspired.

So if you're feeling a little housebound and glum, I suggest getting out and seeing some art, go to the theater! even local creative markets like Crompton Collective in Worcester MA - you don't need to travel far, there are tons of galleries and small museums dotted all over the suburbs - get yourself on Google and see what your community has to offer! 

Happy Halloween!

One of my spookier images for the occasion! This was shot in Paris a few years ago at the world famous Les Puces Fleamarket . Wherever I travel I always love to find flea markets, I think you get far more of a feel for a culture in a flea market than in an expensive shopping district. Les Puces runs the gamut from high end antiques and designer couture to a blanket on the ground piled in old junk. It's a fascinating place and I can't wait to return!


Leaf Peeping Season in full effect!

Been keeping busy lately with some family portrait sessions. Rather than shooting in the studio I've instead been making the most of the spectacular colors that fall in New England brings. In addition to a more unique setting, i feel like subjects (particularly children) are more relaxed than they are in a studio scenario, family members can interact and goof around a bit, and you get some great shots when that happens!

Meg and Jesse

What a wonderful day it was when Meg and Jesse said their "I Do's" 

The wedding was held at the Bride's parents home in East Harwich MA. I have to say I was a little concerned, weather-wise, the day did NOT start well, with pouring rain. Fortunately the tents were erected several days earlier, so the lawn wasn't swampy and even with the cloudy skies early on in the day, the abundant Sunflowers brought the sunshine!

What I loved most about this celebration, above and beyond just how awesome the couple was, was the painstaking lengths they went to to personalize the wedding, As I mentioned, the wedding was at the Bride's family home, The favors included Red Pepper Jelly, made by the groom's mother, owner of Heather's Hearth LLC, the Cider came from Carlson Orchards in Harvard MA, where the father of the groom works. The groom, who also happens to be the man behind Marsolais Press and Lettercarving crafted all of the paper ephemera, from the invitations, to the place cards, to the labels on the jelly and cider. The bride painstakingly created the cute little place card boxes, after making the paper they were made with - that's a lot of origami! Everything reflected how incredibly creative these two people are, and it was such a lovely event!

The wedding was catered with a buffet from  Whites Catering, and in lieu of cake, guests were invited to make their own ice cream sundae, with ice cream from Sundae School!

Despite a rainy morning the sun came out in time for the ceremony, and a great time was had by all, of the many pictures I took, I think 75% involved hugs - that's a good wedding! 

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon.

So I was supposed to shoot today with a rather fabulous Boston musician today, sadly he contacted me yesterday to reschedule. All things happen for a reason. Last night on the book of faces, a friend tagged me in a comment on the wall of a friend of hers who was offering up a free (FREE!!!) mannequin. Knowing me to be EXACTLY the kind of person who would be all *OH HELL YES I WILL TAKE A MANNEQUIN*, she got us in touch, and I headed out to Cambridge this morning to pick her up.

I haven't decided what to name her yet, but she will be great company for Venus, who I snagged at Brimfield back in May.